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How to Auto Save & Remove Attachments from Incoming Meeting Invitations in Outlook

When you receive a meeting invitation which is attached with some files related to this meeting, you may always need to save them to your local drive. This article will teach you how to let Outlook auto save and remove such attachments. In Outlook, unlike emails, you cannot quickly save or delete all the attachments of a meeting invitation in batches. You can only save or remove the attachments in a meeting invitation one by one. Many users think it too troublesome. Plus, most of time,...

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Salient Aspects of MS Access Deployment on a SharePoint Server

In this article we look at salient aspects related to deploying an Access database on a SharePoint Server MS Access is one of those applications that can support multiple simultaneous users. It often happens that those users; apart from using MS Access, also need to make use of other applications, which often need to be shared among several users. Although this has been something that could not be done well using Access for a long time, this has changed since the users have been able to...

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8 Top Factors Causing Physical Damages on Hard Drive

Hard drive is prone to get damaged physically due to its sensitive components. So as to protect your hard drive from destructive damages, you had better figure out the underlying contributing factors. This article will reveal 8 of them. It is well-known that hard drive is quite vulnerable. It can get corrupted logically and physically. Generally, logical failures on a hard drive can be fixed just through a potent and reliable repair tool. In contrast, physical damage is far more...

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