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How to Innovatively Use MS Access in a Large Scale Client Server Architecture

Even if you are running a large scale client server application, you would like to innovatively use MS Access. A client – server architecture is precisely a two tier computer system. Where one computer is the server, which provides data, and another is the client, which requests data. The system can consist of multiple client/ server computers, where server computers create a workstation, which runs an application, and the client computers are connected to that application through a...

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What to Do If a Hard Drive Starts Smoking?

If a hard drive starts smoking, making grinding noises and emitting a burning odor, generally, the culprit is the damaged printed control board (PCB). Now, in this case, what can you do? This article will guide you to deal with this situation correctly. As we all know, it is always suggested to take good care of a hard drive in that it’s quite vulnerable due to its sensitive and moving components. Plus, due to the fact that data is stored in the drive platters, once the hard drive fails,...

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How to Batch Move Multiple Contacts’ Addresses from One Address Field to Another in Outlook

There are 3 address fields for each Outlook contact - "Business", "Home" and "Other". If you need to move multiple contacts’ addresses from one field to another, such as batch moving from “Other” to “Business”, you can use the way shared in this post. Some users complain that when they import contacts into their Outlook, these contacts’ addresses are added to an undesired address field. For instance, they hope that the addresses can be imported into “Business” address field...

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