2 Steps to Create Countdown Appointments in Outlook Calendar

By default, Outlook doesn’t support us to create a series of appointments that count down or up to a specific date. So in this article, we will introduce a quick method to create countdown appointments via 2 simple steps.

Due to the fact that Outlook has no native support for counting down to a specific date, we have to create countdown appointments one by one. It’s troublesome and time-consuming. Actually we can look for other workarounds. For example, create the countdown items by other tool and then import them to Outlook. Here we will use MS Excel. Read on to learn the detailed steps.Countdown Appointments in Outlook Calendar

Step 1: Create the Countdown Appointments in Excel

  1. At the beginning, launch MS Excel application.
  2. Type “State Date” in Cell A1, “Subject” in Cell B1.
  3. In Cell A2, enter the today’s date. Press “Ctrl” and “;” key buttons to input it in quick time.
  4. Then select the Cell A2, and drag down to fill the following columns with the consecutive dates. And stop at the date that you’re counting down to.Drag down to fill the date

Note: You can also input two non-consecutive dates and drag down to fill in the columns, which will create a weekly, monthly or yearly pattern. For example, you can type “11/15/2016” in Cell A1 and “11/22/2016” in Cell A2. When you select them and drag down, a weekly pattern will be created, shown as the following screenshot.Weekly Pattern

  1. Next you ought to input the corresponding subjects for countdown. Go to the last date in the sheet and type the subject line, such as “1 week until Mike’s Birthday”. In the penult date and type “2 week until Mike’s Birthday”. After that, select them and drag up. Excel will complete the series automatically.Fill in the subject line
  2. After that, go to “File” menu and select “Save As”. In the subsequent “Save As” dialog box, select a destination folder and specify a name in “File name” line. Next choose “CSV (Comma delimited)” in “Save as type” field. In the end, hit “Save” button.Save as CSV File

After completing the above steps, you will get a CSV file. So move on to import the data from the file into Outlook.

Step 2: Import the CSV File into Outlook Calendar

  1. Firstly, start Outlook program and go to “File” > “Open” > “Import”.
  2. In the popup dialog box, select “Import from another program or file” and hit “Next”.
  3. Then in “Import a File” screen, select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”, and click “Next”.Import from CSV File
  4. Click “Browse” button. In the subsequent dialog, browse to the preset folder, select the source file to be imported, and click “OK”.Browse to the source CSV file
  5. After backing to “Import a File”, press “Next” button.
  6. Later, select the target calendar folder where you intend to import the file and press “Next”.Select destination folder
  7. Eventually after the import progress, the countdown appointments will show in the selected calendar folder.Countdown Appointments

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  1. It did work. However, it showed everyday as busy and since it is not a reoccurrence, I had to change each one individually.

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