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How to Quickly Assign an Outlook Task to All Email Addresses in an Excel File

If you would like to assign an Outlook task to all the email addresses in an Excel file, you can refer to this article. Here we will expose a smart way, which can help you accomplish it just via a click. Assuming that you have an Excel file which contains the team members who are responsible for a project, and at present you hope to assign an Outlook task to all of them, you can use the piece of VBA code shown in the followings. Assign a Task to All Email Addresses in an Excel File ...

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How to Auto Use Different Accounts to Send Emails Based on Your Working Hours in Outlook

Many users hope that Outlook can auto use different email accounts to send emails on basis of the working hours, like using one during working hours and the other one outside working hours. This article will show how to realize this. Perhaps you are accustomed to sending email via your working email account in the working hours and sending via the private email account outside the working hours. In this situation, why don’t you make Outlook to auto switch between the two different accounts...

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Why You Are Not Able to Access Database in an Availability Group in SQL Server?

Failover Condition Level determines when a failover should occur. This applies to SQL Server Always on Availability Group and to the SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances. Based on the failover condition level, you might not be able to access databases participating in Always On. Policy to failover For an availability group, automatic failovers are controlled by failover policy. With these policies, we can attain the highest level of control on the conditions that trigger a failover. In your...

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