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2 Ways to Prevent Recipients from Forwarding Your Meeting Invitations to Others in Outlook

If you wish to prohibit the recipients from forwarding the meeting invitations that you send to them, you can use either of the two methods introduced in this article. By default, if the recipients forward your meeting invitations to other people, you as the meeting organizer will receive a notification. Yet, most of time, maybe what you want is blocking recipients from forwarding your meeting invitation, instead of a simple notification. Focused on this requirement, here we will share 2...

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4 Main Differences between Data Macros and UI Macros in MS Access

In this article we look at the 4 Main Differences between Data Macros and UI Macros in Ms Access Although there are several features and options in your MS Access application, one of the most used and essential feature out of all is the macros. These are important not only because they can automate task and save time, but also because they allow you to explore the option of multiple tasks that can be automated. MS Access provides you with two different kinds of macros; Data Macros and UI...

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What to Do If Backup Drive Is Out of Space?

Many users may have ever encountered such a case where their backup hard drive is out of space. In this article, we’ll share you what to do under this circumstance. No matter what type of drive you use for your data backups, it will absolutely run out of storage space one day with more and more backup data stored. Therefore, you don’t need to get panic when your backup drive is out of space. It is advisable to consider all potential factors and take the most suitable solutions....

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