Data Recovery

The Future of Data Recovery Industry

This post examines how the data recovery industry will cope with emerging technologies that change how businesses interact with data, technologies such as Internet of things, cloud back up, and others.  In the past years, the data recovery industry has experienced steady growth courtesy of the increasing reliance on data to drive business decisions. Individuals and corporates alike are consuming data at unprecedented levels. Billions of new data sources are being added to the market...

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The Impact of AI on Data Recovery

This article examines how AI has influenced the data recovery industry and possible ways businesses and data recovery professionals can apply AI in data recovery. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in most technological advancements is gaining traction across the globe. Powerful algorithms are being used to analyze and prescribe solutions to unique problems and data recovery is no exception. How is AI being used in data recovery? Using AI to Prevent Data Loss The...

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4 Top Skills for Data Recovery Experts of the Future

This post looks at the changing field of data recovery and shares different skills that a data recovery expert will require to remain relevant.  Data recovery is one of the fast-changing industries. This is because technology is changing quickly and data is increasingly becoming an asset that people cannot do without. However, with the changing technology, pursuing a career in data recovery is likely to require a different set of skills from what current employers are looking...

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