Data Recovery

4 Data Recovery Trends to Watch Out For 2020 And Beyond

Learn about how new technologies are shaping the field of data recovery and discover four data recovery trends that influence the recovery of information in 2020 and beyond. Data is increasingly becoming an important ingredient for making critical business decisions. In the same breath, new technologies such as machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing are shaping how data is processed and stored. These changes affect data recovery in the event of a loss....

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How will Big Data Impact Data Recovery?

As big data becomes increasingly popular, do you wonder how it will influence data recovery? This article takes a brief review of what makes up big data and how it will impact data recovery. Until recently, companies had access to tonnes of unstructured data but could not use it because of the lack of analytical tools that could process it into meaning information. Now, this has changed and big data is increasingly becoming the basis for critical business decisions. How will it affect...

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The Future of Data Recovery Industry

This post examines how the data recovery industry will cope with emerging technologies that change how businesses interact with data, technologies such as Internet of things, cloud back up, and others.  In the past years, the data recovery industry has experienced steady growth courtesy of the increasing reliance on data to drive business decisions. Individuals and corporates alike are consuming data at unprecedented levels. Billions of new data sources are being added to the market...

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