Data Recovery

Quick Format vs Full Format: Which Is More Suitable to You?

When you intend to format you hard drive, you can choose to use "Quick Format" or not. If you are confused about which one is more appropriate to your case, you can refer to this article. Here we will guide you to make the best decision. The previous article "6 Easy Approaches to Format a Hard Drive in Windows" has introduced 6 means to format your hard drive. When you try to format a drive in Windows, you'll see an enabled option – "Quick Format". If you disable it, it is to be "Full...

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How to Quickly Export the Recipients of Multiple Outlook Emails to an Excel Worksheet

Sometimes, you may want to export the recipients of multiple Outlook emails to an Excel worksheet. In comparison to using inbuilt "Export" tool, it is suggested for you to utilize the method introduced in this article. It is much more convenient. When you receive some emails which are not only sent to you but also to multiple other recipients, you may want to export these recipients. In general, you can use the internal "Export" feature in Outlook. But it is a bit tedious and cumbersome. For...

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How to Auto Remove Special Characters in Email Subject via Outlook VBA

Emails which contain special characters tend to be blocked as spams. Hence, you should avoid special characters in outgoing emails' subjects. Now, in this article, we will teach you to let Outlook auto remove special characters in email subject. My previous article "How to Get Warned when Trying to Input Special Characters in Outlook Email Subject" has introduced a way to avoid special characters when composing email. But, some users wish Outlook to automatically remove special characters in...

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