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HDD vs SSD: Which Is Better for Playing Game?

Are you hesitating about choosing hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) for playing game? This article will look at this question and expose some advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of drives in terms of games. You can refer to them to make your own decisions. Hard disk drive (HDD) is a traditional mechanical drive. Although nowadays solid state drive (SSD) is popularized, HDD is still widely used and will not be replaced in the near future. As we all know, both of them...

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How to Batch Export Information and Photos of All Outlook Contacts to Excel

In Outlook, inbuilt "Export" feature only supports to export contacts' information, not including the contact photos. So, if you want to export both information and photos, you can use the way introduced in this article. When it comes to exporting something from Outlook, you will surely think about using the built-in "Export" feature. However, by this means, it can only export the textual information. For example, if you want to export both the information and photos of the Outlook contacts,...

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2 Fast Ways to Copy All Images from an Excel Worksheet to an Outlook Email

Sometimes, you may need to copy all embedded images in an Excel worksheet to an Outlook email. At this time, you can read this article. Here we will introduce you 2 quick methods. It is easy to copy an image from an Excel worksheet to an Outlook email. You can just select and press "Ctrl + C" to copy this image. Yet, if there are a lot of images to be copied, copying one by one is undoubtedly a stupid and tedious way. Hence, here we will introduce you 2 much more effective ways. Now read on...

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