Data Recovery

7 Useful Tips to Avoid Data Loss when Smartphone Gets Wet

Have you ever dropped your smartphone in water accidentally? If your phone gets wet, your first concern may be the phone data, such as contacts, photos and so on. This article will show you 7 tricks to avoid phone data loss in such cases. When you unintentionally dropped your smartphone in water, you will definitely worry about your phone data. But, in fact, water damage doesn’t always indicate that the phone data is lost. It is because that most flash memory used for phone data storage is...

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2 Quick Ways to Batch Delete All User Templates in Your Outlook

If you have created a lot of user templates in your Outlook and now want to batch delete them, you can refer to this article. Here we will share 2 rapid methods with you to achieve it. Outlook allows you to create various user templates, which can greatly improve your efficiency. Perhaps you have customized and stored multiple templates in your Outlook. Now, if you think that they aren't useful any more, you may want to delete them. Thereinafter, we will teach you 2 approaches to delete them...

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