Data Recovery

How to Convert PST File from Outlook 97-2002 Format to New Format

Older versions of Microsoft Outlook save PST files in ANSI format, while newer version creates these files in Unicode format.  While ANSI files can be opened in newer versions of Microsoft Outlook many people find it more convenient to covert these files to Unicode when they upgrade their Outlook program. Depending on the version of Outlook that you are using, your PST file will come in one of two formats. If you are using a version of Outlook that is 2002 or older, the PST files...

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How to Recover Oversized 2GB Outlook PST Files

Oversized PST files can lead to data loss as the file can become corrupted. In order to recover your data from a corrupted and oversized PST file, DataNumen Outlook Repair has two options that you can use. Depending on what version of Outlook you have, you might either want to split the PST file or convert it. The idea behind an Outlook PST file is that it is a safe place to store copies of the e-mails you receive and make on your Outlook as well as calendar events, contacts, and other...

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5 Examples of Criminals Caught Using Data Recovery Software

Digital forensic investigators help catch and put away criminals by using techniques such as data recovery to find incriminating evidence on a suspect’s devices. Convictions have been achieved by looking at e-mails, Internet searches, and deleted files.  Here are some examples of how data recovery programs have helped law enforcement identify criminals. Digital forensics is a new type of forensics that finds evidence of criminal activity on “digital artifacts”: computers, cloud...

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