Data Recovery

How to Repair Damaged Microsoft Office Files

Though Microsoft Office and its programs are great ways to create and store data, the files that contain this data can be damaged. Luckily, there are build-in tools in Microsoft Office that allow you to locate and repair damaged files created using their application. Microsoft Office offers a variety of programs that make work easier. You can create reports on Microsoft Word or enter important data in a spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. You can create and share data with Microsoft Access or...

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How to Recover Lost Word Files in Windows 10

In order to minimize the possible damage that data loss due to corrupted or lost Microsoft Word files might do to their users, Windows 10 offers some quick fixes. You can prevent data loss from Word files with auto-recover and auto-backup. Data loss due to unsaved or lost Word documents is an inherent risk that comes with using computers in our work life. While you can’t totally prevent data loss, the Windows 10 operating system includes some quick fixes to minimize the problem of...

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How to Prevent Accidental File Deletion

Human error, accidentally deleting or renaming a file, can cause temporary data loss. This is a common problem if there are many users for a computer. Here are ways that you can protect your files and prevent anyone else from erasing your valuable data. Human error is a common source of data loss. A careless moment can result in files getting lost because the user accidently deleted or name it. If there are more than one people using a desktop or laptop, data can be lost temporarily...

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