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How to Batch Find and Replace Text in All Tasks in Your Outlook

If you would like to find and replace specific texts in all Outlook tasks, you can make use of the method shared in this article. It can accomplish this task in one go. To find and replace specific text in one task, you can directly trigger "Find and Replace" feature via "Ctrl + H" key shortcut. However, if you want to process all Outlook tasks in one go, you'd better utilize the following method. It can save you from finding and replacing text one by one manually, which is too...

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How to Auto Highlight All Incoming Emails from Unknown Domains in Outlook

So as to watch out for the emails from unknown domains, some users hope to let Outlook auto highlight them, such as show them in red color. Now, this article will introduce a method to realize it. In order to block viruses in suspicious emails from attacking your Outlook data, you ought to pay special attention to those emails from unknown domains. Here, in the followings, we will share you a method to let Outlook auto highlight these emails with a manifest color. Auto Highlight the...

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What Really Happens When Files Are Deleted from Your PC?

After deleting files from computer, you may think that these files have disappeared permanently. However, most of time, the fact is not like what you think. Here, in this article, we will expose what actually happens when you delete files.   It is very common that you accidentally delete a file from your computer at times by either "Delete" or "Shift + Delete" key button. After a while, if you discover that the deleted file is still useful, you must be going to regret and would like to...

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