How to Auto Send an Outlook Email Notification when a Specific Excel Worksheet Is Updated

Every time when you update a specific Excel worksheet, if you always need to send an email notification to specific recipients, you can utilize the method introduced in this article.

Some users ask for a solution to let MS Excel automatically send an Outlook email notification to specific persons every time when they update a specific worksheet, in that they often forget to send such an email. Now, in the followings, we’ll guide how to achieve this function with VBA code.

Auto Send an Outlook Email Notification when a Specific Excel Worksheet Is Updated

Auto Send an Email when a Specific Excel Worksheet Is Updated

  1. In the first place, get access to the source Excel workbook that is containing the specific worksheet.
  2. Then, in MS Excel window, head to ‘File” menu and select “Options”.
  3. Next, in the “Excel Options” window, switch to “Trust Center” tab and click on the “Trust Center Settings” button.
  4. Subsequently, in the new window, shift to “Macro Settings” tab, under which you should select “Enable all macros”.Enable all macros
  5. After that, turn to “Privacy Options” tab and enable the “Remove personal information from file properties on save” feature.Change Privacy Options
  6. Then, click several “OK” to save these settings.
  7. After backing to the Excel workbook, access the specific worksheet.
  8. Right click on the worksheet name in the bottom sidebar and choose “View Code”.View Code
  9. After that, copy the following VBA code into the project of the specific sheet.
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Dim nConfirmation As Integer
    Dim objNewWorkbook As Excel.Workbook
    Dim objNewWorksheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim objOutlookApp As Object
    Dim objMail As Object
    nConfirmation = MsgBox("Do you want to send an email notification about the sheet updating now?", vbInformation + vbYesNo, "Mail Sheet Updates")
    If nConfirmation = vbYes Then

       On Error Resume Next
       Set objOutlookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
       Set objMail = objOutlookApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
       'Change the email details as per your needs
       With objMail
           .To = ""
           .Subject = "Email Notifying Sheet Updates"
           .Body = "Hi," & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "The worksheet " & Chr(34) & ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).Name & Chr(34) & " in this Excel workbook attachment is updated."
           'Attach this workbook
           .Attachments.Add ActiveWorkbook.FullName
      End With
    End If
End Sub

VBA Code - Auto Send an Email when a Specific Excel Worksheet Is Updated

  1. After that, you should save this workbook as Excel Macro-Enabled workbook.
  • First, close the “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications” window.
  • Then, click “File” in the left upper corner.
  • Next, choose “Save As”.
  • In the dialog box, opt for “Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook” in “Save as type” field.
  • Lastly, click “Save” button.Save as Excel Macro-Enabled workbook
  1. Finally, you can close this workbook.
  2. Now, you can open the previously saved Excel macro-enabled workbook.
  3. When you make any changes in the specific worksheet, you’ll get a message asking if to send an email notification.Get a Confirmation when Updating Worksheet
  4. When you click “Yes” button, an Outlook email will be sent out the predefined recipients.
  5. This email will look like the screenshot below:Outlook Email Notification

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    Your macro works well but is it possible to prompt the email question only when amending a specific range of cells instead of any cell in the worksheet?

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