8 Important Tips to Prevent Data Loss on CDs & DVDs

CDs and DVDs are widely used for storing software, computer files, video programs or any other digital data. However, this type of storage media can get corrupt easily, thereby leading to data loss. Now, this article will share 8 tricks to avoid CD/DVD data loss.

Although nowadays, CDs and DVDs have been less significant than external hard drives and flash drives, they are still playing great roles in multiple aspects, such as storing installation files, specific movies or music and so on. Therefore, it will be used continuously.

8 Important Tips to Prevent Data Loss on CDs & DVDs

Nevertheless, as we all know, CDs and DVDs are prone to get scratched owing to its exposed and sensitive surface. Also, it is well known that a scratched CD or DVD will be unreadable. Data stored in it will definitely get inaccessible. Although you can resort to recovery software to get back lost data, like Outlook recovery, it will be quite troublesome and more difficult than what you imagine. Therefore, it is suggested to pay attention to daily dealing with the CDs/DVDs, preventing data loss in advance. Here we will list out 8 effective tips.

1. Keep CD/DVD Clean

First off, without any doubts, you should keep CD or DVD clean. Each time after you use it and before you put it into a case, you should clean it off via soft fabric. Too many dusts on the CD/DVD will absolutely damage it.

2. Never Expose CD/DVD to Moisture

In addition to dusts, moisture will make CD/DVD damaged as well. Therefore, it’s advisable not to expose this type of media to moisture for a long period. You have to store them in a dry enough environment.

3. Keep CD/DVD Away from Extreme Environmental Changes

Also, too frequent extreme environmental change is also one of the most serious harms to CD/DVD. Therefore, you must avoid it. For instance, you should not put it in overheated conditions or expose it to direct sunlight or place it in a freezer.

4. Distance CD/DVD from Harmful Substances

CDs/DVDs can become corrupted due to harmful substances as well. For example, if you accidentally drop a CD/DVD into the strong acids, it will get compromised definitely. Hence, you ought to keep the important CD/DVD at bay from strong organic solvents.

5. Store CDs/DVDs Separately

Perhaps some users have multiple CDs and DVDs, some of them may tend to save all in the same case. Actually, this is not right. It is recommended to store each CD or DVD in individual cases, preventing them scratching each other.

6. Use & Treat CD/DVD Gently

Of course, when using a CD or DVD, you have to keep gentle. You should try your best to avoid any squeezing, knocking or flexing or attaching any adhesive labels onto the CD/DVD.

7. Password Protect Internal Data

Plus, in order to safeguard the data stored in the CD/DVD, you can make use of a strong password. It can prevent your CD/DVD data from being stolen or leaked in some degrees.

8. Stop Using CD/DVD in Case of Corruption

When you realize that a CD/DVD is damaged or become unrecognizable, you had better stop using it as soon as possible. Continuing reading or writing on such a corrupted CD/DVD will make data overwritten and lead to impossible recovery.

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