File System Recovery

3 Important Steps You Should Take after a System Crash

System crashes are not a foreign term to regular PC users. Though there has been a reduction in the number of reported system crashes with more recent Windows updates, your computer is still at risk. In this article, we look at what you should do, such as recover data, when your system crashes. Imagine working on your desktop and suddenly it switches itself off out of the blue. This is just one of the ways a system crash can manifest itself, the screen can also freeze and display...

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5 Examples of Criminals Caught Using Data Recovery Software

Digital forensic investigators help catch and put away criminals by using techniques such as data recovery to find incriminating evidence on a suspect’s devices. Convictions have been achieved by looking at e-mails, Internet searches, and deleted files.  Here are some examples of how data recovery programs have helped law enforcement identify criminals. Digital forensics is a new type of forensics that finds evidence of criminal activity on “digital artifacts”: computers, cloud...

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How to Prevent and Fix File Corruption in a USB Drive

USB drives are becoming ubiquitous because they are a handy and portable way to store important files. Not only can you easily save copies of your files in a USB drive, but you can also easily use this external storage device to transfer or access these files away from your home computer.  Many of us use those handy, portable, external storage devices known as USB drives almost every day. They are portable, easy to use, and can store a large amount of data. They are a convenient way to...

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