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How to Always Open Outlook Meetings with “Scheduling Assistant” Page

There are two pages available in Outlook appointment and meeting window. One is “Appointment” page, and the other one is “Scheduling Assistant" page. If you want to always open meetings with “Scheduling Assistant" page, you can refer to this article. When you access an appointment or meeting, the item window will open with the “Appointment” page. Maybe you have noticed that there is another page available. It’s “Scheduling Assistant” page. To be honest, the latter page is...

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8 Important Tips to Prevent Data Loss on CDs & DVDs

CDs and DVDs are widely used for storing software, computer files, video programs or any other digital data. However, this type of storage media can get corrupt easily, thereby leading to data loss. Now, this article will share 8 tricks to avoid CD/DVD data loss. Although nowadays, CDs and DVDs have been less significant than external hard drives and flash drives, they are still playing great roles in multiple aspects, such as storing installation files, specific movies or music and so on....

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How to Quickly Export All Image Attachments of an Outlook Email to a Word Document

Do you want to export all the image attachments of an email to a Word document? If you have this requirement, you can refer to this article. Here we’ll teach you how to intelligently realize it step by step. My previous article “How to Quickly Export All Image Attachments of an Outlook Email to a PDF File” has introduced how to export image attachments to a PDF. However, it is difficult to edit a PDF. Thus, if what you would like to do is to make use of the image attachments to compose...

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