File Recovery

How Often Should You Verify Data Backups?

So as to ensure that data backups are effective, it is highly recommended to test and verify data backups at a regular interval. Many users are confused about how often they should test data backups. This article will discuss about this issue in detail. When it comes to making efforts to avoid data loss, undoubtedly, one of the most effective solutions is to make periodical data backups. In this way, the future data recovery will be pretty simple. For instance, when a PST file gets...

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How to Quickly Find the Contacts without a Photo in Your Outlook

Outlook doesn’t provide search filters that can support users to find the contacts that don’t have photo. Thus, if you wish to quickly search out the contacts without a photo, you can use the method shared in this article. Some users would like to quickly find out all the contacts that don’t contain photo. Yet, by default, Outlook doesn’t offer such a native search filter. Hence, you have to create such a filter in the first place. You could use the piece of VBA code below to achieve...

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How to Quickly Export the Statistics of Appointments in a Specific Period via Outlook VBA

If you want to count the appointments per day in a specific date range and export the results to an Excel file, you can use the smart way introduced in this article. It can accomplish this in quick time. Sometimes, you may need to count the appointments per day. Of course, you can choose to count manually. However, it is still a bit troublesome and error prone if there are too many appointments in your calendar. Hence, you had better search any more effective means, such as the following...

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