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How to Quickly Export All Tables in an Outlook Email as Pictures

Some users would like to extract the tables in an email and save them as pictures in a Windows folder. Obviously, Outlook doesn’t have such a function. But it still can be realized by means of VBA code. This article will show the details. If you want to extract the tables of an Outlook email and recycle them, you could export and store them as pictures on a local drive. Yet, there is not such a native function in Outlook. Therefore, if you want to achieve it, you can use the following way,...

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How to Effectively Use Backup Compression in SQL Server

SQL Server's backup compression allows you to save disk space by compressing backup files. Many SQL Server database administrators forget to enable this feature, thereby allowing backup files to occupy a lot of disk space. In this article, we will learn how to quickly enable the feature "Compression" on all your SQL Servers. Scan using registered servers: From your SQL Server management studio, click on the View and then select Registered Servers. Create a new server group and add all your...

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Why One Should Avoid Using Memo Fields for Grouping in Access

In this article we would learn the key aspects related to memo fields and learn why they are not really helpful and often result in bugs and truncation. A memo field can store large amount of information, allowing up to 65,536 characters, with various options. In the latest editions of MS Access, it can store up to 1 GB of characters and allows rich text formatting. But it is often suggested to avoid the use of Memo fields for purpose like grouping in MS Access. The article will discuss the...

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