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3 Quick Methods to Count All Flagged Items in Your Outlook

Outlook allows you to flag items for follow up, such as flagging emails, contacts and so on. In this scenario, sometimes you may want to count the flagged items. Here we will share 3 approaches with you. Perhaps you've flagged a great number of items for follow up in your Outlook. For instance, you can flag a contact in that you plan to call this contact later. In face of so many flagged items, you may hope to get a count of them. Thereinafter, we will introduce you 3 means. Method 1:...

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6 Easy Approaches to Format a Hard Drive in Windows

At times, you need to format a hard drive, such as formatting an inaccessible hard drive to see if the drive is still useful. In this case, if you don't know how to format a drive, you can refer to this article. Here we will teach you 6 handy methods. Although formatting a hard drive will erase all the drive data, it can solve a lot of problems on the drive. Therefore, in some cases, you need to format a hard drive. For instance, when your computer fails to boot or runs very slowly, or you...

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How to Add Time & Date to the Header & Footer Section of MS Access Report

The article will elaborate on the use of Header and Footer in Access and how users can include Date and Time to them MS Access allows its users to format their reports in the most convenient ways. There are multiple formatting options which can provide flexibility and make your reports efficient. MS Access has a report Wizard that can help in guiding through the process of report creation. The use and application for which MS Access is used, changes with person to person and thus a higher...

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