2 Quick Methods to Mark Outlook Appointments as Completed

Some people want to mark their Outlook appointments as completed, similar to Outlook tasks. This article will introduce 2 effective methods to achieve it.

As we all know, Outlook permits us to mark emails and tasks as completed. This feature indeed helps a lot. For example, via it, we can distinguish ongoing tasks from completed tasks much more easily.

Mark Complete in Tasks

It is because this function is so helpful that some users also would like to apply it to the Outlook appointments. However, in the Calendar ribbon, you will be unable to find such a button to straightly mark appointments as completed. You need to make some extra efforts. The followings are two handy approaches to get it.

Method 1: Use “Color Categories” in Calendar View

If you are checking your appointments in Calendar View, you can make use of the “Color Categories” as a workaround.

  1. At first, right click an appointment in your calendar and select “Categorize” > “All Categories”.All Categories
  2. Then in the new dialog box, you ought to create a new category.
  • Firstly hit “New” button.
  • Then type “Completed” in Name field.
  • Next choose a color as per your needs.
  • Lastly click two “OK” to close the dialog boxes.Create a "Completed" Category
  1. Finally, from now on, when you wish to mark any appointments as completed, you can simply assign the “Completed” category to it.Mark Appointments as Completed via Color Categories

Obviously, the Method 1 is just a workaround via Color Categories. But it indeed can make the completed appointments distinguishing among a great amount of items when you view them in Calendar.

Method 2: Use “Complete” Column in List View

If you prefer to view your appointments in List, Method 2 may be a more suitable way. Follow the steps below.

  1. In the first place, switch to “View” tab and hit “View Settings”.
  2. Then in the new popup dialog box, click on “Columns” button.Columns
  3. Subsequently, in the “Show Columns” dialog box, you can add the “Complete” column.
  • First, set “All Task fields” in “Select available columns from” field.
  • Then in the “Available columns” box, find and pitch on “Complete” option.
  • Next click “Add” button.
  • After that, optionally, you can use “Move Up” and “Move Down” to adjust is order.
  • Ultimately, click several “OK” to back to your appointment list.Add Complete Column to List View
  1. Eventually, since then, when you want to mark an appointment as completed, you can mark the according checkbox, like the image below.Mark Appointments as Completed via Complete Column

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