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How to Hide Report Sections at Run Time in MS Access

Understand how, when and why to hide fields in a report during runtime. MS Access reports provide users with plenty of options and features to play with. A lot of them can be exercised using simple commands or buttons, whereas others can be a bit complicated and might involve use of VBA code. If you are a regular Access user, using the VBA code might not be a challenge for you, but for those who are still trying to figure out how to make the best possible use of the application, VBA might...

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Learn All About Large Number or BigInt Support in MS Access 2017

The article explains in detail about the newly updated feature, Large Number Data Type Support. The MS Access software keeps getting updating and Microsoft creates introduces new feature from time to time to address the issues faced by the users. After getting a lot of responses, Microsoft finally came up with the large number Support or BigInt support in their 2017 feature update. On Access user Voice Forum, there were numerous requests regarding the issue of large number support. Best...

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8 Tips to Create Flexible Tables in MS Access

Tables should be flexible and effectively designed in Microsoft Access. The article will provide 8 simple tips to do so. Databases are all about tables and how conveniently they display the information stored in them. It’s important for them to be flexible, reliable, and informative. That’s the reason why it is essential to assign relevant properties to these tables. The following article will provide eight simple tips to create Flexible tables in Microsoft Access. 1. Naming of the...

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