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How to Add Time & Date to the Header & Footer Section of MS Access Report

The article will elaborate on the use of Header and Footer in Access and how users can include Date and Time to them MS Access allows its users to format their reports in the most convenient ways. There are multiple formatting options which can provide flexibility and make your reports efficient. MS Access has a report Wizard that can help in guiding through the process of report creation. The use and application for which MS Access is used, changes with person to person and thus a higher...

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How to Back Up Your Split Database in MS Access

This article focuses on understanding the importance and use of Split database while also addressing steps to create its backups. As the name suggests, split database is created by splitting two database files which are: Back-End Database – consisting of data available in tables Front -End Database – consisting of links connecting to all the tables present in the back-end database including forms, queries, reports etc. Note that back end database consists of all the data in...

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Why Access is Apt for Being Used as a Development Platform for Enterprise-wide Applications

This article addresses the importance and requirement of MS Access, as a development platform for enterprise-wide application. Access is widely used by small to midsized companies as it is amongst the only few platforms which strive to fulfill all the needs of database managements. Not only does it act like a storage system, it also promotes easy accessibility and operation of data. Businesses can record everything from their client details, annual profits and expenses to employee attendance...

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