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5 Practical Reasons for Using SQL Server with MS Access

This article addresses top five reasons why users should always use SQL Server with MS Access. Are you having a hard time, trying to convince your friend and colleagues to use SQL Server with MS Access then here are 5 practical reasons that will work as an ammunition to prove you right in this debate. 1. Security Several companies use the simple way to store customer data, which often can be a potential threat to data security. They store client data like their credit card info, address...

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How to Add Command Button on Forms in MS Access

This article addresses the importance and use of Command Buttons, while also illustrating steps to properly use it. Command Buttons are basically used for providing database access to functions like opening related forms or saving or for printing data. Command Button is used for starting an action or for running multiple actions, which help other functions in getting access to the database from which the data is restored and the query is solved. For example, a user can create a Command...

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How to Add a Check Box to a Table Column in MS Access

In this article, we will teach our readers to efficiently insert a Check Box to a Table Column in MS Access. Check Box is a user interface function or control which is used to provide an intuitive, quick way to select a logical data value. For instance, if a field consists of two potential values (‘Yes’ and ‘No’) or (‘Off’ or ‘On’), the Check Box makes it easier for the users to select these values. Check Box control also provides users with a quick access to collect...

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