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How to Import All Files within a Folder to Your Access Table

Data, data, data – without it a database would be pretty useless. So it’s no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to getting that data into your Access table(s) is – how can I make my life easier when I have to regularly import lots (and lots!) of files? As it’s such a common task, there’s obviously a number of ways to skin that particular cat, but here we’re going to look at just one – in my opinion the easiest – especially if you’re doing...

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3 Quick Ways to Batch Convert Word DOC to DOCX Files and Vice Versa

In this article, there are 3 quick ways for you to batch convert Word doc to docx files and vice versa. Generally it’s been well-known that different Word versions save files in different types, with extensions like .doc or .docx. In team work, it’s likely that different members use different version of Word. Consequently, this leads to the difficulty of opening and editing sharing files. For example, you can’t open docx files in Word with version earlier before the 2007. Besides, you...

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4 Useful Tips for Word Spelling and Grammar Checker

In today’s article, we will introduce you 4 useful tips to help you with the use of spelling and grammar checker in Word. The built-in spelling checker of Word certainly benefit us a lot in improving our writing and polishing articles. It’s broadly known that when you turn on the “Spelling& Grammar” checker, Word shall underline any misspelling words and grammar mistakes, if any. It’s such a great reminder for us to keep the track of spelling and grammar faults. Now we want to...

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