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How to Easily Manage and Rename Image Files from Internet with Excel

As a web designer or a PowerPoint designer, you might be collecting lots of images from the internet for references. However, referring to these collected images during a project is a hectic task as the collected images are either saved with an improper name or with default names. Renaming these images with an appropriate name will help you to save time. In this article, we will show how to do that easily with Excel Download Now If you want to start to use the software as soon as possible,...

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2 Quick Ways to Find Multiple Items in One Word Document at the Same Time

In this post, our focus is on exhibiting 2 quick ways to find multiple items in one Word document at the same time. Anyone who is familiar with Word must know the “Find and Replace” option quite well. It works well when the finding text is a consecutive string. But, unfortunately, it gets complicated when we want to search for multiple separate words at the same time. And out there, the demand is strong for striking out a list of words or phrases in one document at one move. For example,...

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2 Ways to Sort Numbered List Entries with Multiple Lines in Your Word Document

In this article, there will be 2 ways available for you to sort numbered list entries with multiple lines in your Word document. Now and then, we use numbered list a lot in Word document. And there can be the case where a list entry can has several lines. More often than not, we wouldn’t hesitate to press “Enter” to jump to the next line. By doing this, we just add a paragraph mark, which means the second line we see is actually the second paragraph. This won’t mess up with the...

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