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2 Methods to Sort a Column with both Numbers and Texts in Your Excel

Sometimes in a column, the cells will contains both numbers and texts. Here we will provide two methods to sort a column with numbers and texts. Sometimes there will be numbers and texts in the same cells in a column. If you need to sort this column, you will meet with problems. The order of the column will not be “1,2,3,4,5..”, but it will be “1,10,11,12,…2,21,22…”. Therefore, this kind of order will make your worksheet in a mess. In order to solve such a problem and sort the...

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3 Quick Methods to Insert Special Symbols into Your Excel Cells

Special symbols can represent some special meanings. Therefore, in Excel, you will certainly need to insert some special symbols to assist your work. In an Excel worksheet, you will certainly input a lot of data and information into it. Sometimes you will also need to use certain special symbols for remarks. Here we will introduce three effective methods to help you insert those special symbols. Method 1: Special Symbols on the Keyboard You will certainly use the keyboard to type the data...

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How to Auto Log the Time When You Open and Close an Excel File

Knowing when you have edited or viewed Excel file is important in your work. In this article, we will show you how to automatically log time when you open or close the Excel file. By logging the time of opening an Excel file and closing a file, you will know at what time you have modified the file or viewed the file. With those records, you can know your work process. In addition, keeping track of files can also help you prevent your files from being changed by other peoples, deliberately...

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