Email Recovery

7 Most Common Signs of SD Card Corruption

Do you have SD card? It is normally and widely used in cameras and smartphones to gain the storage capacity. If you've stored a lot of data, like photos and videos, in a SD card, you should watch out for the 7 matters in this post, which are telling you that the SD card may be corrupted. SD card is commonly used for storing the valuable photos which record precious memories. Therefore, all users, including you must be unwilling to accept SD card corruption. To prevent it, you ought to first...

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2 Quick Methods to Merge Multiple Tasks into a Single One in Your Outlook

Sometimes, you may need to merge multiple tasks into a single task. In the new task, the body contains all the bodies of all the source tasks and start date is the earliest date among all dates of the tasks and so on. Now, this article will teach you 2 ways. When dealing with multiple Outlook tasks which are correlative to each other, you may want to directly merge them into one task. And the new merged task should include all the source tasks' bodies and uses the earliest date among all...

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How to Batch Replace Different Text with Same One in Your Outlook Email

It is easy to find and replace one text with another in email. But, if you would like to batch replace different text with same text, it is suggested to use the method in this article, which can let you achieve it in bulk. As we all know, Outlook email uses Text editor. Thus, when it comes to finding and replacing something in email, you can just utilize the "Find and Replace" tool, similar to deals in MS Word. However, this feature only supports you to find and replace one text with another...

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