Is It Necessary to Copy the Recovery Partition to Other Storage Device?

Recovery partition is of great importance in that it contains information for system recovery. Some users who realize its significance are wondering if it’s essential to copy it to other storage device. This post will discuss about this question in depth.

Have you ever encountered system crash or corruption? Generally, in such cases, you have to choose either restoring or reinstalling system. In reality, this task can become considerably simple if there is a recovery partition in the computer drive. It can permit you to restore computer to factory settings in just a few minutes.

Is It Necessary to Copy the Recovery Partition to Other Storage Device?

Based on mentioned above, you must have known how important the partition is. Thus, you have to treat it in the same way you handle other partitions that store your valuable data. That is to say, to prepare for system recovery, you ought to copy the recovery partition to other device, such as an external drive. If you still hesitate, please read on. Thereinafter, we’ll show the elaborate principles.


1. Free up Internal Drive Space

A recovery partition actually holds the image of your original computer state. So, depending on your computer, the partition varies from MBs to GBs. Actually, most of time, it takes up much space on your internal drive. Hence, after copying it to other storage devices, you can remove it from internal drive, which can free up much internal drive space.

2. Protect Recovery Partition

You must have known that backing up data is extremely crucial. For instance, in the event of PST damage, if you have backed up PST files, you can simply recover PST data from backups without needs to repair PST. Actually, the same holds true for recovery partition. Copying the recovery partition to other device is exactly backing it up to protect it exactly.

3. Later Convenient Use

Moreover, if you purchase a new hard drive and intend to replace your old drive, you have to move both system and data from the old one to the new. In this case, if you have copied the recovery partition to external drive, you can get rid of the step of cloning the old drive.


Now that you may have understood the necessity of copying recovery partition to other device, you must wonder the exact methods. Here are 2 ways.

1. Windows Inbuilt Tool

  1. When you create a recovery drive manually, find the “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive” option.
  2. Check it and click “Next”.
  3. Then, insert an external drive, select it and press “Next”.
  4. Finally, hit “Create”.

2. External Tool

If you think that built-in utility is a bit cumbersome, of course, you can resort to a related external tool. As there are such utilities available in today’s market, you can procure one easily. After download it, you can launch it and follow onscreen wizards to complete it.

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