Email Recovery

How to Recover Embedded Objects in Outlook Emails

This post provides you with infallible tips on how to recover Outlook embedded objects in Outlook emails and how to access the recovered files. MS Outlook is widely used for email communication. Information can be shared as text messages, attachments, or embedded objects. Embedded objects allow you to match documents with the relevant information on your email body. This allows recipients to interact with your documents with ease. To embed documents in an email body, tap the...

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How to Solve “Unable to display the folder” Error in Outlook

This article helps you to understand what the outlook error “Unable to display the folder” means and provides infallible tips on how to resolve the problem. If you use MS Outlook for your email communication, you will admit that it’s a robust and reliable application. However, just like any other computer program, it is susceptible to corruption. When this happens, the application fails to operate as it should. You may encounter various error messages and fail to access your...

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How to Use DataNumen Outlook Repair for Outlook Forensics

In today’s post we examine how you can use DataNumen Outlook Repair for Outlook forensics. MS Outlook is a critical tool for business communications. It is not surprising that it is used to close fraudulent deals to unsuspecting clients. In order to hide evidence, suspects often delete any communication that can incriminate them. In most cases, they hard-delete emails to make it hard for investigators to find the evidence. However, it’s now possible for investigators...

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