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3 Methods to Convert All Tasks in a Specific Color Category to Appointments in Outlook

If you hope to rapidly find out all the tasks in a specific color category and convert them into appointments, you can choose any of the 3 methods shared in this article to achieve it. At times, you may want to turn specific Outlook tasks into appointments, such as tasks in specific color categories. In response to this requirement, thereinafter, we will teach you 3 methods. The previous two are a bit tedious in that you have to convert tasks into appointments one by one. In contrast, the...

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2 Ways to Keep a Task’s Due Date Unchanged when Changing Its Start Date in Outlook

When you change an Outlook task’s start date, by default, its due date will be changed automatically. If you dislike this, you can use either of the 2 approaches introduced in this article. Perhaps you have discovered that Outlook task’s due date will vary with the start date. More specifically, when you modify a task’s start date, its due date will alter as well. Nevertheless, many users would like to keep due date unchanged even if the start date is changed. Therefore, here we will...

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4 Solutions when System Reserved Partition Is Deleted by Mistake

System reserved partition is of great importance to Windows booting. Thus, if this partition gets deleted by accident, Windows will fail to boot. But don’t worry. In this post, we will share you 4 practical solutions to this issue. Have you ever accidentally deleted the system reserved partition? Many users may feel it redundant, so they delete it intentionally. However, no matter in what cases the partition gets deleted, as long as it’s lost, Windows will definitely fail. In this...

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