Outlook Data Recovery

How to Quickly Attach the Specific Pages of a Word Document to an Outlook Email

MS Word has a direct feature supporting users to send the current Word document as an email attachment. But sometimes, you may only hope to attach the specific pages of a Word document to an Outlook email. Now, this article will share you a method. To send an entire Word document as email attachment in MS Word application, you can simply go to “File” menu and shift to “Save & Send” tab, under which you can find a “Send as Attachment” button. Yet, at times, what you want to...

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Is It Right to Compress Your Backup Data?

To save the drive space, many users may select to compress their backup data. Yet, there are some users who are still suspecting whether it is right. Hence, in this post, we will look at this issue and expose its pros and cons in detail. More and more users have understood the significance of data backup in that the backup data will make future data recovery much easier. For instance, if you have backed up your Outlook data file, even if original file gets corrupted, you still can recover...

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