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6 Solutions when a SD Card Cannot Be Recognized on a Smartphone

To be honest, it’s very common that you insert a SD card into your smartphone but it cannot be detected by the phone. Don’t worry. In this article, we will share you 6 effective solutions to this problem. Your SD card must be storing a lot of valuable and important data, like precious photos, videos and others. To access the data in a SD card, you have to insert it to a device, such as camera or smartphone. Generally, when you plug a SD card into a smartphone, the phone will...

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How to Keep an Email Open after Marking It Complete in Your Outlook

By default, in Outlook, after you mark a flagged email complete in its open Message window, the email will be closed automatically. This article will teach you how to keep an email open even after you mark it complete. Perhaps you have noticed that Outlook will automatically close the opened email after you mark it complete. Yet, most of time, you still want to continue dealing with this email, such as moving it to another folder and so on. If it is closed, you have to spend some time...

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How to Auto Categorize New Emails Based on the Categories of Old Emails with Same Subject in Outlook

When a new email arrives in your mailbox, if you want to quickly find out the old emails with same subject and apply the color categories of the found emails to this new email, you can use the piece of VBA code shared in this article. So as to better classify and manage a great number of emails, you may be used to color categorizing emails. In this case, you must hope that Outlook can auto color categorize incoming emails based on your desired criteria, such as categorizing new email on...

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