Outlook Data Recovery

9 Daily Habits to Protect Your Hard Drive from Overheating

Overheating is considerably harmful to hard drive For instance, it can lead drive to become unstable, damage the drive components, shorten its lifespan, etc. Hence, you'd better develop the 9 habits in this post to keep your drive from overheating. As we all know, hard drive is vulnerable to various factors, such as overheating. If a hard drive becomes too hot, its lifespan will be shortened drastically, thereby leading to irreparable damage and data loss, like corrupt Outlook file. Thus, it...

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How to Batch Remove Attachments from Outdated Calendar Items in Your Outlook

If you wish to remove attachments from outdated appointments and meetings in your Outlook, you can read this article. Here we will introduce you how to realize it in one go. To reduce the size of your Outlook file, it is highly advisable to clean up old items. This can be realized by the inbuilt "AutoArchive" feature, which can delete the old items automatically at regular intervals. However, some users just wish to delete the attachments in the old items without impacting the items...

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2 Methods to Batch Delete All Contacts without Email Address in Your Outlook

If you find some contacts have no email address in your Outlook, you may want to process each Contact folder to delete all such contacts. This post will share 2 means with you. Perhaps you have many contacts in your Outlook and some of them do not have email address. If you think that they are no longer useful, you must hope to delete all the contacts without email address. In the standard way, you can use "Instant Search" to find them and then delete them manually, like the following Method...

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