7 Common Problems on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

As we all know, hard disk drive is vulnerable. In order to safeguard your drive data, you should make efforts to protect the drive. This article will expose the 7 common problems on hard disk drives.

In my previous article – “4 Most Common Physical Damages on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)”, you can learn the 4 top physical failures on HDDs. In addition to them, there are a lot of other annoying troubles on HDDs, which can also lead to drive corruption and serious data loss, in face of which, you will attempt data recovery like PST recovery and so on. Although sometimes recovery can be successful, it is still frustrating to suffer data loss. Thus, in order to better prevent it, you had better figure out them firstly. So here we will unveil the 7 other common issues on HDDs.

7 Common Problems on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

1. Deleted files

Accidental file deletion is one of the most common problems on HDDs, which can lead to drive data loss in a flash. Moreover, it’s since users can frequently make such mistakes that in some degree it is inevitable. However, in order to prevent it, the unique way is to build a good habit of repeatedly confirming before deleting any files.

2. Damaged file structure

If file structure gets corrupted, of course the file will get inaccessible too. This can result from various reasons, like virus infection, human improper handlings like incorrect closing Outlook leading to the corruption of PST file structure.

3. File system corruption

Not only file is prone to corruption, but also file system can get compromised. At worst, if file system gets corrupted, all the data stored based on the system will be damaged surely. In such cases, you’ll be required to fix the file system, which can be quite complex.

4. Formatted hard drive

Formatting drive can be beneficial and fix many drive issues at times. But if you perform the formatting mistakenly, such as formatting the wrong drive or not backing up your data before formatting or formatting course get interrupted, it will cause serious logical troubles on HDDs.

5. Bad sectors

The hard disk drive is divided into several tracks, which are further divided into multiple sectors, where your data are stored. Thus, if the sectors become invalid for some reason, such as sector mark error or address information error, the data on the bad sectors will be unavailable too.

6. Corrupt track servo information

This means that the servo information of the specific physical tracks is corrupted or invalid for some reasons. In this case, the physical tracks will be unable to be accessed. Of course, you will fail to access the data located on these tracks.

7. System information area error

So-called system information area is a system reserved area inside a hard drive. It is separated into many modules to store multiple drive default configurations, parameters, settings and other system information. Therefore, if some errors occur to this area, drive will not work as normal. Of course, you will not be able to access the drive data.

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