4 Most Common Physical Damages on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

For the traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), physical damage can be fatal, which can cause serious data loss. In order to avoid the physical damages on HDDs, you have to figure out them in depth. This article will give you a quick guide.

When it comes to the reasons of hard drive failures, physical damage will occur to our minds in the first place. As long as a hard drive suffers physical damages, the data stored in it will be likely put into danger as well, such as file corruptions like PST corruption. Therefore, in order to avert the frustrating and painful data loss, you need to make efforts to prevent physical damages on your hard disk drive. So as to help you better understand and block the damage, here we will expose the 4 most common ones to you. Read on to get them in detail.

4 Most Common Physical Damages on Hard Disk Drives

1. Head Component Damage

As we all know, the traditional hard disk drive has the head component, which is working when you try to read or write data on the hard drive. In addition, drive head is quite vulnerable. Once the magnetic head component gets damages, the part or the entire head will fail to read and write data as normal. There are many factors that can result in this case, such as dirty head, magnetic coil damage, head wear and tear and so on.

2. Control Circuit Damage

Apart from the magnetic and mechanical parts, the hard drive, of course, also has electronic circuit board. Hence, so-called control circuit damage means that part of the circuit line on circuit board is corrupt or suffers short circuit or the other electronic components get corrupt. Under this circumstance, drive platter will be unable to spin up properly even it gets powered on.

3. Physical Dad Track

When it comes to bad track, you may tend to think of a logical issue – bad sector on the drive. Nevertheless, the bad track mentioned here refers to the physical damages which appear on the hard drive surface owing to the improper collision, magnetic head friction or some other causes.

3. Other Comprehensive Damage

Moreover, at times, simply due to any minor changes, various issues can occur on a mechanical hard disk drive. For instance, it is because of the abnormally high temperature when you are using it that the degradation of part of the drive chip will be accelerated. Moreover, sometimes, if you shake your drive accidentally, many tiny changes, such as unanticipated displacement, may happen on the drive shell or spindle motor, etc. In a nutshell, a hard disk drive is prone to physical damages. Therefore, you have to keep taking good care of your hard disk drive all the time.

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