6 Main Reasons for “Invalid System Disk” Error in Computer

Various problems in computer occur from time to time. If you meet the error which says that “Invalid System Disk” after booting/rebooting the computer, then you can refer to following 6 reasons to solve it easily.

Hard drive failures are numerous. You might meet the problem before, which we will discuss today. Sometimes, your computer may prompt error message saying “Invalid System Disk” when you boot/reboot the computer. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that you have to replace your system disk right now. Various factors can result in this error. Look at following reasons and figure out the reason behind your own case and solve it breezily.

“Invalid System Disk” Error


1.Corrupt boot disk

This is the most common reason. If the bootable disk gets corrupt somehow, then any process with data will definitely get stuck. Therefore, if your boot disk has been used for a long time in the computer, you might have to check if it is about to die.

2.Improper partition

In some cases, your bootable disk may be partitioned incorrectly by unqualified disk partition tools. In this way, your computer will fail to read the inner installed operating system successfully.

3.Set an unavailable disk as the first boot disk.

You may have several disks in your computer, if the internal disk is not set as the first boot disk, then you tend to receive such errors. Computers will automatically find one disk which is probably invalid for booting to do this process. Thus you should check whether you have set the right disk for computer boot or not.

4.Problems occur while installing

If you are installing/reinstalling your computer operating system, but the process is interrupted by accidents like power failure, then the invalid boot disk error is prone to occur too. But sometimes, you might fix it by using Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) tools.

5.Use disk management software

Sometimes, many make use of disk management software. But if the tool supports for large disks which are not available in your computer’s Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), then this kind of error will show up as well.

6.Virus infection

Virus is so annoying and can lead to a mass of troubles. If boot-sector virus attack your computer successfully, then it will destroy or chang the process of computer booting  entirely. Accordingly, you are likely to receive error message saying “Invalid System Disk”.

All in all, to prevent data disasters during this kind of computer error, we should back up our priceless data in advance, like keeping Outlook backups for accidents of Outlook damage.

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