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What Does It Mean If Hard Drive Spins Very Fast and Loudly?

In normal situations, when computer works, its hard drive will spin continuously at a standard speed. If you find your hard drive spinning unusually fast and loudly, you may feel strange and worried. This article will discuss about this case in detail. As we all know, hard disk drive will spin in data read/write. Generally speaking, during working, the common hard drive spins constantly at 7200 revolutions per minute (PRM) or so in a computer. And it will only stop after a certain period of...

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2 Easy Methods to Quickly Create an Outlook Task for an Excel Workbook

Some users are eager to quickly create an Outlook task for an Excel workbook. Thus, in this article, we will introduce 2 simple approaches to get it. At times, you may want to create an Outlook task from an Excel file for follow up or other reasons. Actually, Microsoft Excel comes with a native feature of "Create Microsoft Outlook Task", like the Method 1 introduced in the followings. But, it'll only attach the Excel workbook to an Outlook task. If what you want is to quickly copy all the...

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2 Quick Ways to Add All Contacts in a Contacts Folder as an Email’s Recipients when Composing It in Outlook

When you compose an email and want to add all the contacts in a specific Contacts folder as recipients, you can use the 2 methods introduced in this article. If you've finished composing an email and want to quickly add all the contacts in a specific Contacts folder as recipients, you may be used to clicking the "To" field to trigger "Select Names" dialog box. But, in this dialog box, you cannot select all the contacts in a specific address book by the common key shortcut "Ctrl + A". You...

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