Outlook Data Recovery

What to Do If You Cannot Create Recovery Drive in Windows?

Windows supports users to create recovery drive to back up system. But, sometimes, you may fail to accomplish it. Under such a circumstance, what should you do then? This article will give you a quick guide. In order to avoid vexing system crash and data loss like damaged PST data, it is highly essential to back up your computer. Fortunately, if your PC is running in Windows, you can make full use of its built-in backup features, such as "Recovery Drive". It's exactly a bootable drive. With...

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How to Auto Add a Reminder to an Outlook Email after Assigning a Specific Color Category to It

If you want to let Outlook auto add a reminder to an email after a specific category is assigned to it, you can read this article. Here we will introduce a handy method to you. As we all know, when we flag an email, Outlook will auto add a reminder to it. But, some users also wish Outlook to auto add reminder when they assign a specific color category to an email. Obviously, Outlook doesn't support this natively. Thus, thereinafter, we'll introduce a method to get it with VBA. As for how to...

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