Outlook Data Recovery

2 Handy Ways to Batch Change the Views of Multiple Outlook Folders

At times, you may want to batch change the views of multiple folders in Outlook. So, in this article, we will teach you how to achieve it by 2 simple means. You may have your own favorite folder view in Outlook, such as "Compact" view for mail folders, "Calendar" view for calendars, "List" view for contact folders and so on. Now, if you want to apply a specific view to many Outlook folders, you can utilize either of the following 2 methods as per your needs. Method 1: Batch Change Views of...

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3 Quick Methods to Print the Tracking List of Your Outlook Meeting

After sending a meeting invitation, you can check the recipients' meeting responses in "Tracking" page of the meeting. If you would like to print the Tracking list, you can use the 3 methods introduced in this article. Outlook provides users with "Tracking" feature for the meetings. It will list out all the responses from all meeting attendees. Thus, if you hope to check who accept the meeting you organized and who decline, you can just get access to Tracking list. However, there is not a...

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5 Primary Reasons & Solutions for Unbootable Cloned Drive

When replacing a computer drive, so as to avoid reinstalling system and programs, you may opt to directly clone the old drive to the new one. However, after that, your computer may be unable to boot from the cloned new drive. This post will unveil 5 top reasons and solutions for this issue. At times, you may need to replace the hard drive in your computer. For example, the original drive is too old and tends to fail, so as to avoid data loss, like corrupt Outlook data, you wish to replace...

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