Database Recovery

How to Recover SQL Server Data from VMWare Virtual Machine

In today’s post, you will find creative ways to recover SQL data from VMWare virtual machine. Virtual computers come in handy when you want to run programs with different system requirements on the same host. When disaster strikes and you are unable to access data on your virtual machine, you need to get creative. Instances that may necessitate the recovery of SQL server files from VMWare virtual computer You may need to recover SQL server files from a virtual machine if you...

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4 Main Reasons for Oracle DBF File Corruption

Oracle database, or simply Oracle, is one of the leading Database Management systems. It uses a mix of cloud based and offline tools to create and manage its databases. This article highlights some of the reasons why your offline Oracle DBF files might be corrupted. Data Corruption is still a universal problem especially for situations where there is no cloud based backup. For DBF files in Oracle, you can tell if your file is corrupt if it doesn't open and instead displays an error...

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