5 Effective Ways to Recover Corrupted Oracle Databases

Several factors can cause loss or damage to database files. This article offers you safety tips to help you minimize the loss when Oracle database file corruption occurs.

Oracle database files are commonly used by corporate sectors, banking sectors, insurance sectors, and many more industrial sectors. This application by Oracle can be used to store data and manage data. It could be information about workers or businesses. Oracle database files are easily accessible and are flexible to use. However, like any other application, anything can go wrong and the files will be lost, corrupted or otherwise damaged.

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Some of the common causes of corruption on Oracle database files are:

  • Sudden power failure
  • Data block corruption
  • OS malfunction
  • Virus attack
  • ORA-00600 errors

Safe ways to recover damaged oracle database files

Check Media Failure Issues Regularly

Sometimes it’s challenging trying to figure out the primary cause of database corruption. To avoid loss, check for any alert or warning messages about a physical media problem. For instance, if the media has a problem mounting, it could indicate an issue that may corrupt your files. Also, please take note of any unusual sounds and switch it off.

To help you identify and repair device issues, use system utilities. Watch out for messages such as “Bad Sector,” that may be the main reason why your database keeps corrupting.

Unmount Attached Devices

The safest way of removing the Oracle file from multiple-user devices is by unmounting it to prevent any data corruption. If you can’t unmount it, then shut down the computer until you recognize the problem’s cause.


It’s possible to recover your files from the backup in case of a database loss. By going through your backup, you’ll be able to identify the recovered files. Check the file’s size and last modification time to determine if any files are missing. Consider having separate backups, an external one, and a system one. In case of file corruption, you’ll have something else to rely on.

Use Repair Utilities

You can use the built-in repair tool to recover your corrupt Oracle database file. However, it’s advisable to copy the file first before repairing it as the process may overwrite the data. Instead of solving the problem, you may be worsening the situation, especially if the media had a pre-existing mechanical issue.

Choose a file repair tool

If you have tried all the tips mentioned above and still failed to successfully recover your damaged Oracle database files, consider using third-party tools. Look for a trusted and professional software that can repair severely damaged database files. There are a variety of repair tools available for download on the internet. You only have to pay small fees for such tools.

An excellent example of software specifically designed to repair corrupted Oracle DBF database files is the DataNumen Oracle Recovery tool. The software can effectively fix broken database files by recovering all its tables and other objects. Whether the damage was caused by a virus attack, power failure, or OS malfunction, this software will fix it.

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