Zip File Recovery

Extracting Zip files from a Damaged DVD drive

When it came to storing our data, music and movies in an easily accessible manner, the ubiquitous DVD disks seemed to be a perennial favorite. Apart from the fact that it could easily store few GB of data while costing less than 30 cents apiece, their ease of storage too has contributed hugely to its popularity. Most of us today have a large collection of DVDs and at times some of them fail to work properly. From scratched disk to moisture, there can be a host of reasons that can lead to a...

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Understanding the Zipx file format and its benefits

Most of us who happen to zip files during the course of our work hardly even bother to look into the settings of the zipping application. Normally when you use an application like WinZip and try to zip a file, you receive the option to choose a compression method. Of the several options that you receive, if you choose the best compression method, set as default in any current version of WinZip, the output file would be in the .zipx format. .Zipx explained Essentially when you choose...

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Use Increased Zip Capacity of 64 Bit Zip files to create effective Backups

Our computers today are more than just tools that we use to execute our work. Over time they become huge repositories of data, including our images, critical business information and correspondence. The mere thought of losing your data can give you nightmares and thus most of us prefer to backup our data. One of the best ways to securely backup your data involves zipping your important files together into a single archive. However the file size limit of 4 GB enforced by the zip format seemed to...

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