Zip File Recovery

Can ZIP Files Get Corrupted? What to Do If You Can’t Open a Zip File

ZIP files are a convenient and secure way by which you can transmit large files over the internet. However, these files can get corrupted during the transfer process. In order to prevent this, you should invest in a good data recovery program for ZIP files. 1. Introduction ZIP files are often used by businesses to transfer content from one entity to another. Instead of sending many smaller files attached to an e-mail or contained in a storage device, they can just compress several files...

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Choosing your Default application to Open Zip files

Today when you look at some of the different applications that are available for creating zip files, you sure can be spoilt for choice. From the old favorite WinZip to the open source 7zip and host of others thrown in the lot, you may at times have multiple programs present in your system to open a zip file. So at times your .zip file extension may have got associated with a specific application and from then onwards when you click on any zip file, the same application opens up as default. Now...

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Dealing with a No Disk error while working with Zip files

Like everything in this planet even computers too have their fair share of quirks which are typically expressed through strange errors messages. Most of us can recount of situations when your machine suddenly behaves strangely and after you reboot it, the PC goes back to working as normal.  Of the several quirks that I have experienced while working on my PC, one of the most bizarre one involved receiving a No Disk error while opening a zip archive file using WinZip. I was simply bewildered by...

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