Dealing with Zip files getting corrupted during download on specific systems

A number of organizations today are using zip files to transfer content between their stakeholders and a primary way of doing so involves uploading them on their corporate websites. While zip files offer a great deal of convenience, they come with their own share of unique issues. One of the most common issues which, IT teams across companies tend to experience is the persistent complain about corrupted zip files. Strangely when they check the corporate website, they may find the said zip files to be perfectly in order. Upon further investigation it may be revealed that some users are able to download the files properly while in case of others, files get corrupted during the download process. This bizarre behavior can simply make like difficult for an average user and even the IT support staff.


What causes zip files to get corrupted during downloads for some users

There are two primary causes behind the occurrence of this issue. The first one is at the server end whereby the server is tailored to gzip files that are downloaded. In other words the web server places a Unix compression method on the zip file which may cause a data corruption issue during the download. The second reason is the inability of Internet explorer to properly download such zip files. In order to resolve the issue you can try downloading the files using a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. In case you still prefer using the Internet explorer you need to tweak its settings. To do so, close the Internet Explorer and open the Windows Control panel. Then move to Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Once the screen opens up, you need uncheck the Use Http 1.1 option. After this you need to delete the temporary internet files on your system and try downloading files once again. It is quite likely that this time around you will able download the files without any hassle.

What if some files actually get corrupted

There is a possibility that in some cases the zip files that you have downloaded end up getting compromised even after you have changed your browser settings. In such a scenario you need to use an effectual zip repair utility to access the contents of the zip file. One of the most powerful yet easy to use zip repair tools available today is the DataNumen Zip repair application which encompasses a set of highly sophisticated functions. It has the capacity to recover data from nearly every corrupted zip file in relatively quick time. In case you are an IT administrator, the tool can serve you well owing to its support for batch recovery and the capacity to handle large zip files. Moreover it can be used to recover zip archives from different media types including flash drives and can also be used as a digital forensics tool.


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