How to Block Emails without Subjects Automatically in Outlook

Everyone must beware of the emails with no subjects, because they may come packed with disguised viruses or malware. Virtually in order to avert unexpected hurts, we should mark this kind of emails as junks and block them in time.

If you’ve set the Junk email level to high, Outlook may be able to auto recognize the emails without subjects and move them to Junk Email folder. However, if you not, you have to utilize the following methods to force Outlook to block them.

Create a Rule to Block Emails without Subjects

  1. To begin with, start Outlook program.
  2. Then you should go to “File” menu. Under “Info” tab, locate and press “Manage Rules & Alerts”.Manage Rules & Alerts
  3. At once, a new dialog box will show up. You should hit “New Rule” button.
  4. Next another dialog box will also come into view. You should click on “Apply rule on messages I receive”. And hit “Next” button.Apply rule on messages I receive
  5. In the subsequent screen, you would be required to select conditions to define which kind of messages the rules should be applied to. But here you should just ignore this step and go on to click “Next” button directly. Outlook will throw out a prompt. You can straightly hit “Yes” button.Apply Rule to Every Message You Receive
  6. In the following interface, you need to choose the actions.
  • “Move it to a specified folder” is your choice in step 1.
  • And then turn to the step 2. You should click “Specified” link in the bottom box.
  • Next in the popup small dialog, pitch on “Junk E-mail” folder”
  • Lastly click “OK” > “Next” button.Move it to Junk Email Folder
  1. After that, you will move on to set the exceptions to exclude the emails that hold subjects.
  • In step 1, choose “except if the subject contains specific words”.
  • Then in step 2, click the “specific words” link.
  • Next you need to type “a” to “z”, “A” to “Z” and “0” to “9”in the text box. Every time you type one, remember to click “Add” button to insert it to the Search List. You should ensure every character has been included.
  • Finally click “OK” > “Next” button.Define the Specific Words

Note: This method by English letters is only available for English emails. But the same holds true for the emails in other languages. You can change to use the characters in your own languages.

  1. Eventually you will get into the final screen.
  • In step 1, specify a name to this rule, such as “Prevent Emails without Subjects”
  • Then in step 2, check “Turn on this rule” option.
  • Next in step 3, make sure every rule specifications are right once again.
  • After going through the 3 steps above, click “Finish” button to activate the rule.Block Emails without Subjects

Never Readily Trust Emails without Subjects

With viruses becoming more and more sophisticated, it is much more difficult for us to identify them at first sight. Therefore, we should keep cautious at any time, especially when receiving the emails without subjects. Never click the embedded links and never download the attached files in them. Otherwise, we will push our Outlook to risks. If Outlook gets corrupted, we have no other choices but to take aid of the external remarkable tools like DataNumen Outlook Repair, which can rescue the PST file and recover Outlook data with minimized corruption or loss.

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