How to Auto Strikethrough Canceled Meetings in Your Outlook

Faced with canceled meetings, some users would like to auto strikethrough them instead of thoroughly removing them from the calendar folder. Looking at this requirement, this article will introduce a method to get it.

Auto Strikethrough Canceled Meetings in List View

My previous article “How to Auto Remove Canceled Meetings from Your Outlook Calendar” has taught users to auto deleting canceled meetings. After reading this article, some users express that what they want is only strikethrough canceled meetings rather than deleting them totally. Luckily, it can be realized by a conditional formatting rule. In the followings, we will show the detailed steps.

Auto Strikethrough Canceled Meetings in List View

  1. For a start, in Outlook, access to Calendar pane via “Ctrl + 2” key button.
  2. Then, open a calendar folder.
  3. Next, if the current view is not “List” view, change the view. Switch to “View” tab, click “Change View” and select “List”.Change to List View
  4. Subsequently, still in “View” ribbon, click “View Settings” button, which will bring out a new dialog box of “Advanced View Settings: List”.
  5. In this dialog box, hit the “Conditional Formatting” button.View Settings
  6. After that, another dialog box of “Conditional Formatting” will pop up. In it, you need to click “Add” button and enter a name for this new formatting rule, such as “Canceled meetings”.Create a New Conditional Formatting Rule
  7. Later, click the “Font” button. Then, in the “Font” dialog, enable “Strikeout” and hit “OK”.Specify Rule Font
  8. After back to the “Conditional Formatting” box, click the “Condition” button.
  9. Then, in the “Filter” dialog box, under “Appointments and Meetings”, type the “Canceled:” in the “Search for the word(s):” field.Specify Rule Condition
  10. Next, shift to “Advanced” tab, under which you could add the “Message Class is (exactly) IPM.Appointment” filter, like the following screenshot:Add Advanced Filter
  11. Afterwards, click a series of “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed.
  12. Finally, you will see in the calendar item list, strikethrough has been added to the canceled meetings.Strikethrough Canceled Meetings

Use Dark Color Instead in Calendar View

Whereas, the above means is only available in List view. If the calendar folder is in Calendar view, you are unable to set up such a conditional formatting rule. As you try to create a conditional formatting rule in Calendar view, you will find that you are allowed to specify the color, unable to specify the font. Hence, in this case, it is suggested to use dark color, such as “Black” to show canceled meetings, such as the image below:Use Dark Color Instead in Calendar View

Necessities in Outlook Data Protection

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