6 Common Signs Indicating Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

If a hard drive contains too many bad sectors, you will suffer a variety of troubles in dealing with the drive data. Therefore, this article will expose you 6 common signs indicating bad sectors on hard drive. You should pay attention to these signs.

As mentioned in my previous post – “6 Common Problems Caused by Bad Sectors on a Hard Drive”, a sector on a hard drive refers to a small container for storing data. Therefore, if a sector becomes bad, the data stored in this sector will suffer, such as file corruption like corrupt Outlook file. In order to block the corruption of your significant data, you’d better identify bad sectors in time. Here we will reveal 6 top warning signs of bad sectors. You have to pay sufficient attention to them so as to protect your data timely before hard drive fails thoroughly.

6 Common Signs Indicating Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

1. Automatic CHKDSK

Windows-based computer comes pre-installed with an inbuilt disk repair tool – CHKDSK. It can scan disk and repair the disk errors. It’s considerably useful to some extent. However, if you find that this tool automatically runs to scan disk and fix errors every time when Windows boots, it’s very likely that there is a new bad sector emerging on your hard drive.

2. Stuck FDISK

FDISK is a utility that is closely relevant with various partitioning functions on a hard drive. For instance, it creates and controls partition tables and partitions on hard drive. Therefore, when you running FDISK on a hard drive, if this tool is somehow stuck in a certain stage or even runs back and forth repeatedly, chances are that the culprits are the bad sectors.

3. Stuck Disk Formatting

In addition, similar to stuck FDISK, if disk formatting gets stuck, you can suspect bad sectors’ faults too. As we know, disk formatting can fix numerous problems. If you’re formatting a hard drive partition, but it gets stuck in a certain point and fails with some error messages, it indicates serious bad sectors on the partition.

4. Hard Drive Read Error

When you try to access a file, you get some hard drive read errors, mentioning file corruption or others, it may suggest bad sector. Moreover, if it takes a pretty long time to open a file or you encounter blue screen during reading, it must refer to that there is bad sector on this drive.

5. Strange Noises

At the point when your computer starts, if you hear any weird sounds, it also suggests that there are bad sectors or tacks on the hard drive. Generally, this case can’t be resolved by amateurs. You’d better recur to professionals as soon as possible.

6. Boot Failure

At worst, your computer may fail to boot up. In such cases, you may receive some errors, like “General Failure Reading Drive C:” or “Sector Not Found” and so on. In this situation, you can firstly suspect virus infection. If infection can be excluded, the criminal is absolutely the bad sectors on the drive.

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