6 Common Problems Caused by Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

On hard drive, sectors refer to the sections of the platter from which data is written and read. Therefore, bad sectors can lead to multiple problems on the hard drive. In this article, we will expose 6 of the common problems.

A sector is actually a small container for storing data on a hard drive. Thus, if any sector gets damaged, it’ll be unable to be used any longer. Such sectors are called as bad sectors. Generally, few bad sectors will not result in too serious issues. But, if there are too many bad sectors on a hard drive, all kinds of problems can occur, such as computer poor performance, corrupt drive partitions, damaged files like corrupt PST file and so on. Thereinafter, we will focus on bad sectors and reveal 6 common troubles resulting from it.

6 Common Problems Caused by Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

1. Poor Performance

If there are few bad sectors on your hard drive, you will simply suffer some small issues, like poor performance. It means that your hard drive and computer will work more slowly than before. For instance, as long as you launch two or more applications at the same time, your computer may get stuck. Or when you copy or move files, the process will take up much longer time to complete.

2. Corrupt Files

As mentioned at the very beginning, sector is responsible for storing data. Hence, if a sector gets broken, the files stored on it will definitely become corrupt. More specifically, you will find some files inaccessible somehow. Or for instance, when you open an image file, it may show in separated sections, or in unusual color, or shredded or blurred.

3. Corrupt Partitions

Provided that the sectors that are recording the important information of a drive partition get damaged, the hard drive partition will become compromised. In this case, of course, all the data on the partition will be corrupt and unavailable. What you can do is to leave no stones unturned to repair this partition.

4. Corrupt Firmware

Firmware on a hard drive is the software which is actually written to the platters and is controlling many functions on the hard drive, such as accessing data and reading or writing data. Thereby, firmware can become corrupt if it fails to access the data on bad sectors time and again.

5. Unusual Wear and Tear

When accessing data on a hard drive, the drive arm will move around the platters, leading head to read the data on the sectors. Therefore, if it fails to access data on bad sectors, it will try again and again. If things go on like this, the hard drive will suffer unusual wear and tear, and finally fail thoroughly.

6. Unbootable Drive

One of the worst cases in the event of bad sectors must be unbootable hard drive. It refers to that your hard drive cannot boot up. The same holds true for your PC. Under this circumstance, you will be unable to access your computer data. Thus, it is imperative to attempt hard drive recovery.

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