5 Steps to Customize a Search Folder for Meeting Messages

Meeting messages include all kinds of meeting requests, accept, and decline and so on. In order not to mix them with common emails, it is advisable to create a specified search folder, such that you can deal with them more conveniently.

I keep receiving lots of meeting messages every day. I have to deal with them to make an update of my schedule. However, faced with so many emails in my Inbox, I find it difficult to distinguish meeting emails. Thus I opt to create a search folder for them. In this case, I can arrange them in only one folder.

Create a Search Folder for Meeting Messages

  1. At the very outset, you need to create a new search folder. Locate and click “Search Folders” in navigation pane. And select “New Search Folder” in the popup menu. Alternatively, you can make use of a keyboard shortcut, “Ctrl + Shift + P”, which will open the same dialog box of “New Search Folder”.Create a New Search Folder
  2. Then pull the scrolling bar to the bottom and select the final option “Create a Search Folder”. Click “Choose” button.Click Choose Button
  3. Name the search folder, such as meeting messages. And press “Criteria” button.Click Criteria Button
  4. In the subsequent dialog, switch to “Advanced” tab. Next in “Field”, you would be required to enter “Message Class”. In “Conditions”, you should choose “contains” from the dropdown list. And in “Values”, you need to type “IPM.Schedule.Meeting”. Click “Add to List” button to apply this advanced setting.Specify the Search Folder Criteria for Meeting Messages
  5. Finally click a series of “OK” to return to Outlook.

After completing the above 5 simple steps, you can find the “Meeting Messages” search folder located below “Search Folders” in the navigation pane. And all meetings messages ago have been copied to it. Of course, you will be allowed to locate future meeting messages here without needs to find out them among a deluge of emails in Inbox folder.

Apart from creating a search folder, you can also utilize other approaches to locate meeting messages, such as Outlook search tool. You can quickly access the tool by a hotkey, namely “Ctrl + E”.Search Tools

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