4 Quick Ways to Batch Hide or Show Pictures in Your Word Document

In this article, we will focus on demonstrating you 4 ways to batch hide or show pictures in your Word document.

Now and then, you are likely to inherit a document with a large amount of pictures. Yet, you perhaps find them quite a distraction. They actually trip you from reading efficiently rather than being illustrative. Or if a picture is a shoot of texts or data, you will have difficulty telling apart the picture and document contents.

Batch Hide Pictures

To reduce the disruption as well as increasing navigating speed, you can utilize the following ways to hide them once and for good.

Method 1: Alter with Word Settings

Here is an example of file with 2 pictures. The first one is in “In line with text” wrapping style while the other one is in “Tight”.      File with Pictures

  1. First of all, open Word and click “File” tab.
  2. Then click “Options” to trigger the “Word Options” dialog box.Click "File"->Click "Options"
  3. Click “Advanced”.
  4. Next scroll down to the “Show document content” part. Check the “Show picture placeholders” box and clear the “Show drawings and text boxes on screen” box.
  5. Lastly, click “OK”.Click "Advanced"->Check "Show picture placeholders" Box->Clear "Show drawings and text boxes on screen" Box ->Click "OK"

Now you can see the picture in “In line with text” style is converted to a frame box, and the second one is to totally hidden.Effect of Hiding Pictures

Method 2: Run Macro

  1. To start with, click “Developer” tab and then “Visual Basic” to open the VBA editor. An alternative way is to press “Alt+ F11”.Click "Developer"->Click "Visual Basic"
  2. Next click “Normal” project and then “Insert”.
  3. Then choose “Module” to get a new module.Click "Normal"->Click "Insert"->Click "Module"
  4. Double click it and paste the following codes:
Sub HideAllPictures()
  Dim nResponse As Integer
  nResponse = MsgBox("Do you want to hide all pictures?", 4, "Hide pictures")
  If nResponse = 6 Then
    With ActiveWindow.View
      If .ShowPicturePlaceHolders = False Or .ShowDrawings = True Then
        .ShowPicturePlaceHolders = True
        .ShowDrawings = False
        MsgBox ("All pictures have been hided.")
      End If
    End With
  End If
End Sub
  1. Never forget to click “Run”.Run Hide Pictures Code
  2. Now there will be a message box. Click “Yes” to batch hide all pictures.Click "Yes" to Hide Pictures

If you receive documents containing multiple pictures on a regular basis, you may as well consider change “Sub HideAllPictures()” to “Sub AutoOpen”. Then, in the future when you open a file with pictures, you will automatically have the macro run.

Batch Show Pictures

Method 1: Undo the Changes in Word

  1. Use the same way to open “Word Options” dialog box first.
  2. Similarly, click “Advanced”. Only this time, you uncheck the “Show picture placeholders” box and tick the “Show drawings and text boxes on screen” box.
  3. Finally, click “OK”.

Method 2: Run VBA Codes

  1. Repeat the first 4 steps in “Run Macro” above.
  2. But replace the codes with the bellowing:
Sub ShowAllPictures()
  Dim nResponse As Integer
  nResponse = MsgBox("Do you want to show all pictures?", 4, "Show pictures")
  If nResponse = 6 Then
    With ActiveWindow.View
      If .ShowPicturePlaceHolders = True Or .ShowDrawings = False Then
      .ShowPicturePlaceHolders = False
      .ShowDrawings = True
        MsgBox ("No picture is hided.")
      End If
    End With
 End If
End Sub
  1. Hit “Run” button.Paste Codes->Click "Run"
  2. In the message box popping up, click “Yes” to start showing all pictures.

Since hiding all pictures action can affect every future file, you can change the “Sub ShowAlPictures()” to “Sub AutoClose()”. Then each time you close the document, if shall remind you of showing the hidden pictures.

Handle Word Problems

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